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15+ Pilates Studios

The first studio was started in 2011 in Mumbai. Now there are 15+ studios across the country.

8+ States

The studio aims to reach as many people as possible and provide the highest quality of training. Now located in 8+ states across India.

1000+ Members

At the studio we train people from all backgrounds such as industrialists, Bollywood celebrities, sport personalities, models and of course fitness enthusiasts.

100+ Trainers

The studio has a dedicated team of fitness professionals and trainers who strive to achieve their client’s goals and ensure all the clients reach their maximum potential.

Franchise Opportunities for EMS

Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training is a 20 minute bodyweight workout, usually done just once a week. It activates 90% to 95% of all your body muscles, including your deep back muscles and pelvic floor muscles.
Our muscles contract through electric impulses (bioelectronics) in a normal state. EMS training makes use of this effect. By employing hardly noticeable external electro impulses, the natural effect is additionally intensified and a highly effective training is achieved.

The Pilates Studio is a lot of peoples happy place. It is a fun and vibrant business, so we’re looking for partners with the personality to match it.
It is not necessary to be a qualified fitness professional, as we will ensure we help identify as well as train the staff as necessary.

We would like our partners to be:

We provide all the necessary training, advice and support. Namrata and Samir personally look into the development of each studio and are always easily accessible by all the partners of The Pilates Studio. All we need from you is the drive, passion and determination to succeed.

When you decide to open a franchise of the studio you not only become a partner but also a part of The Pilates Studio Family. And this family is extremely important to us, we ensure every member is happy, growing and successful! After all your success is ours too!

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